8. “Flight of the Gibbon” high ropes course, Thailand

8. “Flight of the Gibbon” high ropes course, Thailand

8. “Flight of the Gibbon” high ropes course, Thailand

Ege grinds the beans, carefully wipes them on the heavy portafilter, presses the powder with the tamper and lets the espresso run into the cup. Sugar? Or not? For Halil Ege the answer is simple: "Try it first! If the espresso has been extracted very well, I don’t need a gram of it. ”If you pour sugar into the cup before testing, you do the same thing as in many canteens: add salt and Maggi to the soup, then put it down. "But you can’t save a bad espresso with a lot of sugar, ”he emphasizes. We try. Fine aromas of flowers, dark chocolate, pepper and caramel spread across the palate. The gentle bitter tones round off the taste. There is no lack of sugar. So that’s how espresso works.

For many Germans, relaxation during the vacation time is the top priority. But after a few days of rest and relaxation, the first signs of boredom often appear. In cooperation with GetYourGuide, we give a few tips that adrenaline junkies will also get their money’s worth. Let yourself be inspired by the tips in our photo show.

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1st James Bond bungee jump, Switzerland

To be James Bond once in a lifetime – it’s possible in Ticino. This is where the 007 actor’s stunt double, Pierce Brosnan, jumped in "Golden eye" from the 220 meter high Verzasca Dam. This bungee jump is one of the highest in the world and is guaranteed to make your adrenaline level soar. The stunt, which has already gone down in film history, can now be tried out by anyone who has the courage. The only condition for young people under the age of 18 is that they have written permission from their parents. Jumpers older than 65 years have to present a medical certificate of their perfect health. However, age should not be an obstacle: the oldest jumper so far was 78 years old. Every jumper receives jump training in advance. After completing the bungee jump, the official jump diploma beckons. The regular prices are 216 euros per person and jump, 165 euros for students.

2nd helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon, USA

The Grand Canyon stretches for 450 kilometers. Large parts of the gorge are not accessible to hikers or only with great effort. The extreme and unspoiled nature of the Grand Canyon can also be explored by helicopter flight. This comfortable alternative to the sweaty hike is also offered in connection with a picnic in the middle of the canyon, which is over 900 meters deep. A luxury variant with limousine transfer from Las Vegas to the private helipad at the Grand Canyon is also possible. Before take-off, every passenger over the age of 18 must show photo identification. There are no weight limits, an additional seat only needs to be booked from a weight of 136 kg or more. The cost of the sightseeing flight including picnic and transfer is between 285 and 385 euros, depending on the provider.

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3. Base Flying in Berlin, Germany

For fans of the adrenaline rush, base flying is one of the most spectacular extreme activities. This unique experience in Europe can be tried out in Berlin from the 98-meter-high roof of the Park Inn Hotel on Alexanderplatz. https://topadultreview.com In a matter of seconds, one races along the house wall towards the ground on a specially installed construction and is only braked shortly beforehand. Base flying is a safe variant of base jumping and enables everyone to experience the feeling of free fall. Participation is only permitted from the age of 16 and is only possible up to the age of 18 with the written consent of the parents. The Base Flyer should not weigh less than 50 kg and weigh no more than 110 kg. You should wear sturdy shoes and comfortable clothing. The price for the half-hour experience is just under 45 euros. For a surcharge of 19 euros on site, the case can be filmed in depth and recorded for at home.

4th "Air Combat Ace"-Flight in Las Vegas, USA

The two white contrails in the blue sky are usually the only things you usually get to see from a jet. Anything is possible in Las Vegas, however, and daredevils can experience the feeling of being a fighter jet pilot once in a lifetime. Together with a trained pilot, the temporary co-pilots can steer the jet themselves under supervision and do loops at dizzying heights. Anyone who wants to board the “Extra 330 LC”, currently the most modern aerobatic plane in the world, must not be heavier than 109 kg and not taller than 1.91 m, including an introduction to the techniques of flight maneuvers and the actual flight time five hours. Both preparation and follow-up of the flight are included. After the adrenaline rush, there is also a glass of sparkling wine at the relay bar to calm down. The unusual experience can be booked at a price of 790 euros for two or more participants.

5. Balloon flight in the desert, Abu Dhabi or Dubai

There are many ways to traverse Dubai’s desert. Traditionally, the camel is chosen as a means of transportation. A little faster, however, is the trip by quad or jeep. But nothing is as impressive as a flight in a hot air balloon over the unique dune landscape. From the air you can for the first time imagine the huge dimensions of the desert and marvel at the curved shapes of the dune hills. The one-hour flight in a hot air balloon over the Dubai desert costs 220 euros.

6. Great White Shark Dive, Cape Town

Cape Town’s coasts are especially famous for one thing: the high density of great white sharks. A great white shark dive is a dream and a nightmare for many. Now the brave can only get closer to the imposing animals protected by a cage. Some organizations offer diving trips from Gaansbai to the infamous Shark Alley, which can also be called the Great White Shark’s supermarket due to the large seal colonies that have settled here. The sighting of the dreaded sea predator is guaranteed here. Protected by the bars of the cage, those interested can watch the sharks in their natural environment. Since the cage is attached just below the surface of the water, no special diving experience is required. However, children under 8 years of age are not allowed to participate in the dive. The prices for the dive vary depending on the provider, but are on average between 150 and 250 euros per person.

7. Astronaut training in Orlando, USA

What level of training does an astronaut have to achieve? Interested parties can test this for themselves at the Kennedy Space Center in Orlando and compare them with trained space travelers. The Kennedy Space Center has been the only launch site for all manned space expeditions in the USA since 1968. All Apollo missions were also carried out from here. The Space Center is accordingly equipped with high technological standards and know-how. The training includes both physical fitness tests and mission simulations such as a space shuttle driving simulation. That was developed "Astronaut Training Experience Core" with support from NASA veterans. A tour of the Rocket Garden (rocket park), in which rockets of all generations are located, as well as a demonstration of a simulated shuttle launch is also included. Anyone over the age of 14 can participate. The price for the half-day training and a visit to the visitor center is 177 euros.

8. “Flight of the Gibbon” high ropes course, Thailand

Swing elegantly like a gibbon over the tops of the Thai jungle – this is possible in Thailand’s high ropes course “Flight of the Gibbon”. The high ropes course has 24 platforms that are connected to each other with wire ropes. You can slide down these devices and move from tree to tree much faster than the native primate. You literally fly over the lush jungle vegetation at an exhilarating pace. There is no age limit to participate. The prices including transport, lunch, jungle exploration and three-hour use of the zip lines are just under 100 euros.

9. Flight over the Himalayas, Nepal

The ascent to Mount Everest is considered to be one of the most arduous and risky in the world. Both the inconsistent weather and the altitude have already cost many mountaineers their lives. With a flight over the Himalayas one escapes the dangers that the mountains await, but can still marvel at its beauty. The flight starts early in the morning shortly after sunrise to ensure the best chance for a clear view of the mountain ranges. Every passenger is given a seat by the window in the propeller plane and can enjoy the view and take photos unhindered. The one-hour flight costs between 125 euros and 165 euros, depending on the provider.

10. Cave Snorkeling in Mexico

The Maya belong to the legendary and mystical high cultures of early human history. Their customs and rites have been preserved in the old cultural sites. On the Yucatan there are underground caves where the Mayan peoples made their offerings. These cave passages are criss-crossed by cenotes with crystal clear, turquoise-blue water and can be explored together with tour guides. In the natural limestone water caves there are bizarre forms of stalagmites and stalactites. After the underground discovery tour, you can grab your snorkeling equipment and explore one of the largest reefs on earth. The prices for the cave expedition and snorkeling trip are 67 euros per person including transport and food.

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Although swallows have adapted well to humans in the past few decades, the focus is increasingly on swallow protection, because swallow populations have been declining for several years. When it comes to nature conservation, the following applies: Swallow houses help the endangered birds to raise their offspring, because the artificial nesting aid offers them safe shelter.

Popular native bird species
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Swallow and nature protection: Destroying nests is a punishable offense

Anyone who discovers a swallow’s nest by the house may have a problem as the owner, because the birds make dirt and are loud. But be careful: swallows are protected. Their nests must not be removed or destroyed. Due to building renovations, increased hygiene regulations and intensive agriculture, the swallows’ breeding opportunities and food supply are increasingly being lost. The consequence is a decline in the swallow population. The barn swallow and the house martin are particularly endangered species.

The spokesman for the state committee for ornithology at NABU NRW, Bernd Jellinghaus, also points out: "Access to existing and used nests must not be blocked" – Otherwise you are making yourself liable to prosecution.