Left Behind Your Spreadsheet

VemaFATS come to make your routines easier and simple

VemaFATS more than fixed asset software

it manages and tracking your fixed asset by simple and real time

Fixed Asset Tracking Software

With the Most Complete Features

Barcode Tag

Spot your asset with barcode label and pinpoint the item that you want. Fast and Easy

Web Based

Anywhere by any device and no installation, you can control and access your data. Through web you can collaborate with your co-worker and data changed automatically synchronized

Cloud Service

VemaFATS run in cloud service. No extra budget for server, no complicated installation and even you do not need to be expert in IT. Your data will be save by SSL encryption

PDT Mobile Android

VemaFATS include with VemaFATS Mobile App. Available for Android (Phone or PDT) with some relieved feature, you can carry out audit process, move, track and update information


Vemafats is developed for all sorts of industries and come with complete feature. You can choose from Lite version until Custom version for your own needs